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Favero Dental Clinic – Teeth Whitening Review

I was invited to pop along to the Dr Favero Dental Clinic recently to review the latest technology in teeth whitening. Having tried several treatments before I was keen to go and take a look, especially as they promote a speedy 20-minute service that can lighten up to 12 shades!

Dr Favero

Based in an elegant, Georgian building in the heart of London’s private medical community in Wimpole Street, their team of professionals provides a welcoming, comfortable and relaxing environment in which they provide the very highest standard of cosmetic and traditional dentistry. Upon arrival, I was politely greeted and Dr Favero came to explain to me that this treatment is exclusive to their practice and that he would ensure my experience would be pleasant and comfortable – as much as one can be wearing a tooth guard! All the clinic’s teeth whitening formulas are exclusive to the Favero clinic and are pain and sensitive free designed by Dr Giacomo Favero himself.

A third generation dentist from a celebrated Italian family of dental surgeons, he has now brought Italian style and creativity to the UK, with his new clinic which opened in April 2012. He mentors other dentists in his field, and in 2013 was shortlisted in the 2013 Dentistry Awards as the ‘Best Young Dentist in London and Best Practice’ – I am obviously in very safe hands!

The practice is sterile beyond belief and as I sunk into the chair I was rather excited about my soon to be shiny white teeth. Dr Favero took his time discussing the treatment with me and asking questions about my current dental regime and eating habits. My teeth are white, but more of a subtle creamy white so I was intrigued as to how this fast treatment could lift them up when everything I have tried before has miserably failed.

So here is what I had done: The clinic have been the first in England to launch this revolutionary, peroxide-free, super-fast, tooth whitening system. BRILLIANCE SMILE WHITENING can leave teeth up to 12 shades lighter in just 20 minutes. · No peroxide means no pain, no sensitivity, and healthy teeth · A genuine lunchtime transformation. This breakthrough new light-accelerated whitening treatment uses a special peroxide-free formula that protects teeth and works up to six times faster than other professional systems on the market. Most dentist whitening treatments can take up to an hour and a half, involve laboriously coating the gums to avoid pain and damage, and because they use high levels of peroxide, may cause lasting tooth sensitivity and even severe pain. In contrast, Brilliance Smile Whitening is a safe, comfortable lunchtime procedure, taking only 15 to 20 minutes.

Before and After Teeth Whitening Treatment

Fast forward 20 minutes and my teeth look brighter! I am pleasantly surprised that something that took such a short time has had such great results! I have spent a fortune before on peroxide and mouth guards whereas this is quick, easy and painless. My big worry was sensitivity but nothing, absolutely zilch. I love this treatment and at only £99 it is definitely worth the money and a quick trip every 6 months.

They also offer WHITENING FOR LIFE – An affordable and unique program, Whitening For Life allows patients to enhance their smile by using their convenient and efficient whitening systems and pay yearly for unlimited whitening.

A yearly subscription teeth whitening program where patients pay a one off membership fee of £800 (includes custom tray +1 hour laser +25 min teeth whitening every 3 months +1 hygiene +1 airflow) normally those treatments are worth £1,600, so patients save 50%.

Each year the patient pays a fixed fee of £500 which allows them to book in for teeth whitening whenever they like, for a maximum of five times per year.

I will give the last words to Dr Favero as he quite rightly deserves them – “I want to offer my patients something very special. For me, dentistry should never be about pain or fear. Instead, it should be about nurturing your health, happiness and wellbeing. A beautiful smile lifts the soul, and the experience of having a dental makeover should make you smile!”

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