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How to look your best on your big day

We welcome Kirsten Crothers a UK registered Dietitian to share some advice on how to look your best on your big day. Loads of great tips to help you look and feel better than ever!

As a soon to be bride myself, I know only too well the importance of looking your best on the big day. But as a registered dietitian, I am well aware of not leaving my efforts to last minute – it simply doesn’t work.

When I say ‘looking your best’ I do not mean simply losing weight, I mean clear, glowing skin, avoiding bloating, being more toned, losing weight and for some people it may mean gaining weight. Everyone is different so looking their best will mean different things.

So let’s get started with some practicals.

1. Bloating

Even if you are not prone to bloating, chances are that in the run up to your wedding this is something you will experience. Bloating can be caused by stress and weddings = stress. To combat this, allocate 20 minutes of each day for some ‘you’ time. This could be reading, taking a bath or mediating, whatever works for you. Regular exercise will also help combat stress and move things along your gut which helps avoid that gas build up. If your digestive issues persist, consider going to see a dietitian for advice.

2. Perfect Skin

This is something you need to work towards well in advance of your big day. Breakouts can be caused by stress and foods which increase your blood sugar levels. So incorporate those relaxation techniques and change over to a low GI diet. Low GI means eating complex carbohydrates at each meal such as wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice. Whilst avoiding the simple sugars in cakes, sweets, biscuits, smoothies and fruit juice. Dehydration can also lead to skin looking dry so ensure you get 2L or more of non-alcoholic fluid each day.

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3. Toning

Never mind the actual wedding but if you’re going to spend that much on a honeymoon you want to look your best! You should be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise daily so invest in a fitness watch, sign up to an online programme, go to exercise classes or hire a PT. Just be realistic as whatever you do, it needs to be consistent. One thing to avoid is protein shakes as most people already eat too much protein so shakes are just extra calories for you to work off.

4. Losing weight

Everyone seems to be obsessed with losing weight for their big day. This obsession needs to be curbed right now! Yes, a little weight loss may be required for some, but focusing on it is likely to overshadow the lead up to the wedding. Instead, aim for a sensible weight loss of 1-2lb each week and avoid those fad diets. Try my rule of quarters: 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbohydrate and 2/4 vegetables or fruit. Eat 3 meals like this each day and you will be sure to lose weight the right way and start your married life healthily.

5. Weight gain

Some people out there are actually underweight and trying to gain a little to look their best. As with weight loss, radical changes are unlikely to work. So aim for 3 regular meals and 3 snacks each day. Also, address your portion sizes by increasing by 1/4 every few weeks until they appear the same as your friends or family.

Kirsten Crothers is an anti-diet/anti-fad UK Registered Dietitian. Passionate about helping individuals make positive healthy changes to their lifestyle in order to achieve goals which are important to them. For further information visit the website,

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