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Aqua Sana Spa Review

Relaxation, peace and tranquillity were the objectives for the day and we were not disappointed.

Nestled amongst the heightened green trees of Sherwood Forest, the recently refurbished Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest welcomes you into a world of nature and serenity.

Upon arrival, we checked in at the front desk and we were greeted by a friendly smile, which seemingly set the tone for the rest of our visit. Everything was explained and we were directed to the changing rooms, collecting our freshly folded (and slightly warm) robes and towels en route.

Spacious, warm and welcoming, we found a place to change. Here, we were greeted by one of the appointed hosts, Rita, whose bubbly and radiant personality shone from the moment she introduced herself. We agreed to meet Rita in the Vitalé Café Bar for a drink and snack and to reserve our time slot for lunch.

Aqua Sana Spa Review

Dressed in our soft robes, we made our way out of the changing rooms and into the light, bright and airy Vitalé Café Bar. Rita was there to greet us once again and her personality and warmth did not alter from our earlier meeting. The array of treats on display was appealing on the eye and clearly, there was something for everyone. We were spoilt for choice.

By coincidence, it happened to be my birthday. We were led to a table, which was decorated with balloons and silver stars, in acknowledgement of my celebration. A pleasing surprise, it was clear this was something extra they did to make your occasion to be that little bit more special. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Rita arrived with two glasses of bubbles. Already feeling somewhat of a celebrity, this was a welcomed gesture.

Following our tasty snack (and bubbles) we made our way into the spa area.

A sea of relaxation immediately washes over you as the six spa areas each offer something different and unique for you to experience. A clear map on the wall gives you a visual guide to each area and this is helpful to assist in planning where to go and which route to follow.

An initial stroll around to take it all in was worthwhile.

A leisurely swim was much needed in the centrally located outdoor pool, which wasn’t over crowded.

In fact, space was something there was plenty of all around the spa. The outdoor hot tubs were evidently popular as these seemed to be the busiest area. The hot steam whirling, people chatted and relaxed, taking in the stunning scenery and letting time pass by.

Aqua Sana Treetop Spa

A trip to the Tree Top Sauna was next. Expecting it to be busy, given the crowd that was leaving as we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. A couple were just leaving, meaning we had the place to ourselves.

As the heat radiated, the views over the forest were simply breathtaking and you’re somehow magically made to feel like you’re somewhere else! I don’t think you could mirror this experience anywhere else in the country. This really is their pièce de résistance, their jewel in the crown.

Reluctant to vacate, it was time to make our way to lunch.

We sat back down at our designated celebratory table after ordering our lunch. There was a wide choice available and we opted for the chicken pieces and the fish cakes. On ordering, we were informed of the wait to cook the fish cakes, which wasn’t an issue as they’re much tastier freshly cooked.

As we began to converse about our experience so far, another glass of bubbles made its way to us. Again, this welcomed gesture gave a warm feeling of grandeur.

Aqua Sana Spa

Lunch arrived in the time stated and the fish cakes were piping hot, as you’d expect. Having surprisingly worked up an appetite from relaxing, the lunch was much needed. There was just enough to fill, yet just enough to leave room for one of the tempting desserts on offer.

From lunch, we made our way to the treatment area as we’d both booked in for a Swedish Body Massage. Of course, we had separate rooms for our treatment, but from our later conversation, there seemed to be consistency as we’d both been asked what we wanted from our massage and appropriate oils chosen to suit our requirements.

We’d both also been introduced to a cooling gel that was applied to the back following this part of the massage. Undoubtedly, we both agreed… simply wow!

Aqua Sana Review

Neither of us had any complaints about the treatment we’d had. In fact, we both agreed it had been exceptional and would happily have had longer.

Feeling refreshed and revitalised, it was time to depart. There are many superlatives to describe the experience at Aqua Sana, it really is a spectacular experience.

Aqua Sana is highly recommended, especially to mark
a special occasion. Aqua Sana offers a unique experience and one that would be amazing to share with your family and friends, where you’d all be made to feel special.

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