A coffee machine you’ll love: Nespresso Vertuo

In the UWD office, we absolutely love coffee. It’s our fuel to power through editorial features, real weddings and more. Usually, we brew a large jug of filter coffee which lasts the morning. Then move onto instant coffee – obviously not as good as the freshly brewed coffee. But you know what it’s like, instant is just too easy and quick!

For the past few weeks, we’ve pushed our filter coffee machine aside for the brand new Nespresso Vertuo. With this machine, Nespresso introduces Centrifusion technology, which sounds very fancy, don’t you think? This smart machine gently and fully extracts all the aromas from the coffee pod. It does indeed make our office smell like a coffee shop and we’re not complaining! The capsule also spins 7,000 rotations per minute which perfectly blends the coffee with hot water.

Unlike older generation Nespresso machines, the new Vertuo takes a brand new size of coffee capsules. There are over 20 Vertuo coffees to choose, ranging from 414ml size mugs to 40ml espressos. All capsules include a barcode so the machine knows the exact temperature and amount of water to dispense.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine Product Lifestyle Image

With so many different coffees to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! My personal favourite is Stormio with a dash of milk. This tastes delicious and has a strong flavour. I’m always surprised at how good it tastes! My Editor’s favourite is Giornio, which isn’t as strong as others but has a floral aromatic profile. This is a lovely smooth coffee even without milk. Each coffee has an incredible crema as if it was made by an expert barista. Well, it was, just a robotic barista!

The coffee capsules also tick our environmentally friendly box. Each capsule is made out of aluminium, which is 100% infinitely recyclable. You can request a bag so you can drop off at your local Nespresso Boutique, at a CollectPlus or Doddle point. Such a great idea!

Using the machine is incredibly easy and user-friendly. Simply fill the reservoir on the side with fresh water. (This can also be rotated from the left, back and to the right of the main machine.) Gently push the silver lid up a little and the motor opens the top. Pop in your capsule, pull the silver lid down and the motor closes onto the capsule. After quickly warming up (about 15-20 seconds), press the button and the machine starts dispensing your coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo Product Shot

Will this be a permanent feature in the office or eventually in the home? Most definitely! I’ve never found a better tasting coffee that was so easy to make with the touch of a button. If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding gift list, I definitely think the Nespresso Vertuo should be on your list!

The Nespresso Vertuo is priced at £199 on the official Nespresso website, nespresso.com

Alternatively, take a visit to your local Nespresso Boutique to take a look and sample the coffee from the machine yourself. Find your nearest boutique here.