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Fusion of Traditions in New York

What happens when you fall in love with someone from a different religion and culture? Do you mix them both together in your wedding or opt for one? Darby and Vikram chose to infuse their cultures together for their wedding day and it looks utterly stunning! They also change outfits during the day to suit both traditions. What a great way to start a happy life together. Enjoy!

From the photographer, INTOTHESTORY: “The wedding and reception happened in a luxury 5-star hotel in Downtown New York City and it was definitely dreamy. Everything about this wedding and reception was simple, except for the fact that the couple had to change into two outfits. Yes! Groom included.

We can’t help but have that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts when we saw the couple in the groom’s traditional wedding outfits that were so colorful then changing to the traditional white wedding gown and wedding suit.

It just showed how much they love each other to respect and embrace their differences. You won’t feel that they were even compromising. It was as if everything was just normal for the both of them. Truly, love knows no race.”


Cake Design: City Sweets & Confections
Catering: The Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park
Ceremony and Events Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park
Floral Design: City Blossoms
Makeup Artist: Heena Das Beauty

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