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Luxurious Red Rose Wedding

Today we have the stunning wedding of Amie and Tim that took place at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh. The styling of the wedding is full of strong vibrant reds, focusing around roses. It perfectly suits the venue! Plus, we like how the couple has mixed the style up with Amie wearing a striking black lace dress and Tim in a black shirt and trousers finished off with a white blazer.

From the photographer, Leeann Marie: “This luxurious wedding was featuring a family known in the Pittsburgh area for diamonds! They own a large jewelry shop, and so it’s no surprise that Amie and Tim’s wedding had lots of bling! On top of that, they decorated the Duquesne Club (a private, downtown Pittsburgh club) with tons of red roses, red linens, and shine.”


Floral Design: Donati’s
Jewelry: Louis Anthony Jewelers
Linens and Coverings: Mosaic Linens
Photography: Leeann Marie Photography
Venue: Duquesne Club

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