Meghan Markle’s Bridesmaid Outfit Predictions

As 25th March 2018 marks National Bridesmaids Day, we ask the all-important question… What will Meghan Markle’s maids be wearing on Saturday 19th May when she marries Prince Harry?

As the biggest bridal shows of the year London Bridal Week and White Gallery continue to grow, we learn that bridesmaid fashion is fast becoming just as important as bridal fashion itself. We all remember the royal wedding headlines when Pippa Middleton (and her derriere) well and truly stole the limelight when she was her sister’s Maid of Honour in that amazing form-fitting gown. So, it turns out what you dress your besties in really does matter!

Being the social butterfly that she is, Meghan has a long list of possible bridesmaids and we’re yet to find out who has actually made the cut. It’s likely that best friend and Meghan’s former stylist, Jessica Mulroney will be top of the list, but it’s also rumoured that long-standing friends Janina Gavankar and Lindsay Roth, as well as mutual friend of Harry and Meghan, Misha Nonoo could be the lucky ladies by Meghan’s side.

Serena Williams, Olivia Palermo and Millie Mackintosh are among the A-list potentials and we kinda hope she has a huge bridal clan that’s awash with lots of celeb friends – just imagine the photos! So, whether it’s a A-list affair or a bridal squad made up of long-term BFFs, what style of dress will Meghan be choosing for her girls?

Rosanna Garden, founder of bridesmaid brand Motee Maids, suggests that if Meghan doesn’t want her maids to upstage her on the day she should “look for something which mirrors her own bridal dress in terms of silhouette or neckline, so that the bridesmaids will complement her and not stand out too much.”

Pretty pale pink dresses from Motee Maids
Pretty pale pink dresses from Motee Maids

Regine Ellis of Ellis Bridals and sister bridal brand, Kelsey Rose agrees that “the bridesmaid gown should always reflect that of the bride, as their gowns are an extension of her own personal style and nature.” With that in mind, Regine predicts that “Meghan’s chosen bridesmaid look will be refined and classic with just a dash of statement to echo her own personal style.”

Meghan Markle’s fashion choices have been quite eclectic over the years, but each outfit she steps out in has always struck the perfect balance between fashionista and classic beauty. When she was a bridesmaid for friend Lindsay Roth in 2016 she wore a pastel pink floor-length gown. Could this be a sign of things to come for her own bridesmaids?

Bridal designer Caroline Castigliano strongly believes in the tradition that “bridesmaids dresses should always be in the same colour and fabric.” She advises Meghan: “Although choosing a colour that suits all the maids can be difficult, she should opt for soft colours as they work on most people.”

Olga Yermoloff from fashion house Olvi’s also suggests Meghan should steer clear of bold colours when it comes to bridesmaid choices. “Lighter colors are good options for bridesmaids, such as light blue, baby pink or mint,” says Olga. As well as the look of the gowns, Olga acknowledges that they have to be practical too: “It is also very important that the bridesmaids have comfortable outfits, so they can assist the bride while she can fully enjoy her special day.”

Pale blue bridesmaid dress from Olvi’s
Pale blue bridesmaid dress from Olvi’s

Graziana Valentini, designer of Valentini Spose prefers bridesmaid outfits to be minimal and chic: “simplicity is the watchword. Very high heels and excessive accessories and jewellery should be avoided at all costs.” And she believes that Meghan’s choices will almost certainly follow this mantra. “I predict that the royal bridesmaids will wear an elegant midi dresses and I think the colour will be something light and delicate,” adds Graziana

So, the bridal fashion pros have spoken and it’s clear we won’t be seeing Meghan’s maids in neon mini dresses or quite frankly anything too statement. But whichever style is chosen, we’re sure, just like her, they will look nothing short of fabulous.

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