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How to plan your perfect playlist

Today we welcome Bands for Hire to the Ultimate Wedding blog! They are here to share tips on planning your perfect wedding playlist. Enjoy!

The songs that you choose to have played as the soundtrack to your wedding can have a pronounced effect on the memories that you and your wedding guests will have of it. Yes, there are literally billions of songs to choose from, but there are also billions of songs that just aren’t going to fit. To narrow down your search, we’ve put together this helpful list of criteria. Follow these simple rules, and you’ll end up with a wedding playlist of music that’s simultaneously fun, fitting and unforgettable.

Jazz Singers - Bands For Hire

Choose songs you’re familiar with

Since we’re being careful not to underestimate the power of music, let’s start off by choosing songs we already know. While there may be a temptation to update your playlist to include some modern chart hits for any youngsters, or delve into some less familiar genres to appeal to the tastes of other guests, if you’re not sure what these songs are going to be like on the day, it’s safer to leave them out. You’ll know what you’re dealing with when you’ve filled your arsenal with tunes you know inside and out, and you’ll be avoiding any unpleasant surprises (like not actually enjoying your first dance song).

Check with your venue and your guests for any restrictions

It’s not uncommon for families to bring their children along to join in the festivities, so if this is the case for your wedding, you’ll need to stick to songs with a PG rating. In short, that means avoid songs that feature too much strong language, sexual references and violent content. So any hip hop will need to have more of a Fresh Prince than a 50 Cent vibe. These same restrictions are worth bearing in mind when you’re thinking of your venue – particularly if you’re getting married in a church, synagogue or other religious institution. There are just some things that don’t fly in the houses of the holy, and the safest thing to do is ask them directly what restrictions they might impose.

Boyband - Bands for Hire

Think of songs you enjoy as a couple

This will come into play at pivotal moments such as the processional, recessional and first dance. While there are some traditional and popular suggestions, remember that your wedding is still unique, as are both of you. You want these moments to reflect your love for one another, and picking songs that mean a lot to both of you will make this clear to your guests. If you’ve ever had a special moment in your relationship when the radio comes on, your eyes meet and you both say ‘this is our song’, then that’s perfect first dance material – but any song you associate with a fond memory together will be another prime candidate.

Avoid just using a list of suggestions you’ve found online

These lists are undeniably useful as a launchpad for your selection process, though you run the risk of hitting your guests with an impersonal bunch of cliches that have nothing to do with you as a couple unless you spend enough time and effort choosing tunes for meaningful moments. Grabbing a list of the net at the last minute may also prove problematic if you don’t run it through the other checks mentioned in this article – those lists are by their very nature generic, and the people who write them aren’t going to know what your favourite song is, or what your guests do and don’t like.

Wedding Band - Bands for Hire

Ask your guests for ideas

While this is by no means an accurate statistic, you’ll understand what I mean by saying your guests will make up about 90% of the people in attendance at your wedding, so their opinion is going to count for something. We’re talking more about the reception here, which will typically be the part of your wedding with the most music being played, and hopefully the most dancing. To ensure maximum dancing, have a chat with the people you’ve invited to find out what gets them moving, and your reception will be the lively, happy occasion you’ve been dreaming of. Good friends of yours may even remind you of songs you’ve enjoyed together in the past.

Pick music for the entire wedding

Finally, it’s worth considering your wedding as a whole, thinking of each composite event as an opportunity for another great song. Take each of these events into your own hands, and you’ll be putting your mark on the entire day. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but if you can choose a first dance song, the other choices are going to be a cakewalk in the park. If you’re in control of what your guests hear and feel as they walk in, as the bride walks in, and as the reception kicks off, you get the ultimate say in how your special day will be remembered, which will allow you to make it as magical as it deserves to be.

For further information and music inspiration, visit Bands for Hire.

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