The 7-year Itch

We are having a 7-year itch! Yes apparently this really is a thing, let me explain.

For the past 7 years, we have had a magazine. We started in print just for the Home Counties but quickly realised that we were much happier being digital and you loved our interactive magazine. We have always monitored our stats very closely ie site readers vs our magazine readers. Whilst the magazine is very popular, the numbers stagnate at around 20k whilst our website is at 35k and continues to grow! Although the industry assumes we are a very BIG team there are in fact only 2 of us. We have been working our butts off creating great content for the magazine and site, whilst managing our social media and we feel the time has come to focus on one or the other. Given our site figures are consistently moving upwards, that is where we will be! This is great news for our team (well the 2 of us) as we can focus our efforts on great content for you, our readers. Plus, being a small team we can turn content around in 24 hours so no time delays getting wedding news directly to you.

UK Issue 32

Our focus has always been about you and our ethos is simple, love is for all! For the past 7 years, we have actively spoken about disability, diversity and LGBT. We were the first national bridal magazine to put a multiracial bride on our cover, the first to feature a same-sex couple. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for.

So for the time being, we are putting the magazine to bed as a seasonal offering. We will, however, be producing dedicated issues for you to enjoy (all still completely interactive). There will be top honeymoons, the design edit, grooms issues and more. These one-off specials will contain everything you need and want but subject specific so you just view the one (or several) that you need.

Do enjoy the latest issue, Summer 2018, and remember to send us your fabulous weddings to feature!

We’ve got some incredible features going online in the coming months. Everything you’ll usually find in every issue of UWM, will now be going live on the website regularly. Keep an eye out for some fantastic competitions also going live soon!

Issue 32 cover credits

Accessories: Bekah Anne Accessories
Boudoir: Girl and a Serious Dream
Candles: Ester Erik
Cake and Macarons: Cakes in the City
Dress Design: Naeem Khan
Design and Planning: Shannon Leahy Events
Event Venue: Château de Varennes
Floral Design: Moon Canyon Design
Groomsman Attire: The Black Tux
Invitation Design: Aerialist Press
Linens and Coverings: LaTavola Linens
Lingerie: Girl and a Serious Dream
Makeup and Hair: Ava Belle Luxury
Photography: All The Little Stories Photography
Production Coordinator: NKT Events
Ring Boxes: Voeu du Coeur
Ribbons and Textiles: Tono and Co
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Silk Textiles: Tono and Co
Tabletop and Furniture Rentals: Vaisselle Vintage
Wax Seals: Wax Seals