2018 Wedding Trends – What couples are telling us!

Since we started in wedding world in 2011 there have been some huge changes! The obvious use of social media has taken over wedding planning with Pinterest and Instagram being number 1 with wedding inspiration, plus the incredible amount of couples using Facebook to find their wedding suppliers.

We had an ‘ooohhhhh’ moment and thought it was time to conduct a wedding survey to see from couples’ perspectives on how they are planning their big day. This helps us decide what content our readers are looking for so we know we are giving them exactly what they want!

We put a few questions out and I am delighted to share these results with you and some are more than a little surprising but in an ever changing industry, maybe not so surprising at all! 75% of our responses came from the ladies, 25% from gents with an average planning time of 12-18 months – we gathered data from all across the UK to get a ‘balanced’ view of current wedding trends.

Where are you finding your suppliers?

  • 75% Personal recommendation
  • 55% Social media
  • 15% Google/searching
  • 15% Wedding blogs (what! Not a worry for us as we also make personal recommendations on forums!)
  • 10% Wedding Show (90% of these being national and 10% local)

Editor: WOW! These stats really surprised us! Have we seen the end of the local wedding fair?

(Multiple choice question, respondents may be using more than one method)

What type of ceremony are you having?

  • 85% Civil
  • 15% Religious

Editor: No real surprises there as more couples are choosing to have their ceremony/reception at the same place using either a registrar or celebrants!

Where will you be having your wedding?

  • 30% Hotel
  • 20% Country House
  • 20% Barn
  • 10% Pub
  • 10% Hall
  • 5% Beach
  • 5% Registry Office

Editor: Just as we expected! Country houses/hotels/barns continue to dominate the venues and quite rightly so although we fancy a beach wedding! Got to love sand in your canapés!

How many guests are you inviting?

  • 35% 51-100
  • 30% 0-50
  • 30% 101-150
  • 5% 200+

Editor: From speaking with couples we have noticed people maxing out around 80 and a higher spend per head rather than a large wedding. More bubbles for everyone!

Bride in room of Dresses

Where are you buying your wedding gown?

  • 40% High Street/Department Store
  • 35% Boutique
  • 20% Online
  • 5% Not yet looking/recently engaged

Editor: This one should not have surprised me but it did! Significant increase over the past 3 years in consumer buying – will the high street continue to gain in popularity?

Do check our post on High Street Gowns here

Where are you buying your grooms suits?

  • 75% High Street/Department Store
  • 20% Online
  • 5% Tailors

Editor: No real shocks here! You are a guy and need a suit so high street rules or you can hire. Unless of course you are wanting something bespoke, an investment piece then Savile Row all the way!

Do you regularly read wedding magazines (print and digital)?

  • 65% No
  • 35% Yes (Wedding Ideas, You and Your Wedding, Ultimate Wedding and Brides)

Editor: How very dare you all! Read our latest issue now, goddammit!

What wedding blogs do you regularly read?

  • 45% We don’t
  • 55% Regularly read You and Your Wedding, Ultimate Wedding, One Fab Day, Rock My Wedding

Editor: Again! Read us, we are here to help – save you time and money and give you FABULOUS inspiration my darlings!

What budget have you allocated to your big day?

  • 40% £5-10,000
  • 30% Up to £5,000
  • 15% £10-15,000
  • 5% £15-25000
  • 5% £25-£30,000
  • 5% £50,000+

Editor: WOWSERS! Big shift in consumer spend. These figures are from across the UK so representing your average couple and not inflated magazine stats that we usually see and roll our eyes at!

Have you been searching for special offers/deals to help with the budget?

  • 85% Yes
  • 10% Not actively but if one pops up we look
  • 5% No

Editor: Savvy wedding planning at it’s best! Special offers do not devalue brands/venues but help couples to get the day that they want within their budget! Mid-week weddings are certainly on the rise! Check out our sister co for some great offers – Ultimate Offers

Do wedding awards influence your decision in choosing suppliers?

  • 82% No
  • 18% Yes

Editor: Ohhhh so all that spending money to enter, attend etc is probably not worth the time and effort – unless you particularly like a pretty badge that you can show off to your friends!

We also asked our readers their ages

  • 35% Aged between 36-45
  • 25% Aged between 46-55
  • 20% Aged between 26-35
  • 20% Aged between 18-25

Editor: No shocks here either! We know wedding demographics and this one is spot on!

Where will you be spending your honeymoon?

  • 25% Caribbean/USA
  • 20% Safari
  • 20% Multi-destination cruise
  • 15% In the UK
  • 10% It is a surprise
  • 10% Yet to decide

Editor: So lovely to see a mixture of R&R, adventure and UK staycation! Me? I would want to do all 4!

So we see a big shift in the numbers ie guests being invited and spend, plus more couples going to the High Street for their attire. A sign of the times indeed, celebrate the savvy couple who still desire their perfect day but are approaching it in a more affordable and time-saving manner!