• Carmela Weddings

    Covering: London and Surrey

At Carmela Weddings, we create unique, design-led, contemporary weddings for stylish, fashion-forward couples in London, Surrey and beyond. We specialise in creating weddings that ooze the essence of who you are, where you don’t have to lift a finger and we make it happen. No formulas and no rules. We firmly believe no wedding should be just about the girl’s perspective and we offer a fresh outtake by offering both male and female input on your wedding day as a Husband and Wife team. We like parties to look and feel amazing and we’re good at making that happen.

With our backgrounds firmly rooted in entertainment (via a degree in law), a decade in event management, a great eye for design, and fabulous organisational skills, we combine our strengths and utilise our skills to create the wedding you want. We love art, design, luxury and fashion and use these as our cues to design your wedding day. Our couples love the modern wedding and we help them create their own wedding traditions whether it’s in a warehouse, museum or art gallery; they do it their own way and we love that!

Whether you need a little or a lot of help, we’ve got you covered. From Full and Partial Wedding Planning to On The Day Coordination and Inspiration Sessions, we have a service to suit every planning need.


I had complete trust in Lisa and her team to help me get through my wedding day! I wanted to do it all myself but with work and studying I realised I needed someone who I could rely on to take over the things I just couldn’t find the time to get done! Whilst I have pretty strong ideas of my own, she has jumped on board with my vision but also offered ideas and guidance through the process. Her negotiation skills have come in handy as well, saving me money! I’m actually beginning to wonder what sort of wedding I would have ended up with if Lisa wasn’t involved – it’s a scary thought!


I can really recommend Lisa and Sam. They both made sure the day itself was completely stress free. There was an issue with the flowers not turning up on the day and we didn’t even know anything about it until the day after, which meant my wife didn’t get stressed (always a good thing!) and both me and my new wife really enjoyed the process of planning the wedding and we credit this to Lisa making it less stressful and being so enthusiastic.


We cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make our day run smoothly, I can only imagine the amount of work that went on behind the scenes.

Thank you so so much for making our day as special as it was, it was the best party I’ve been too, which was always my aim.

Alison & Peter