Win a personalised wedding weather forecast

The weather plays a key role in organising any event – especially if that event is taking place outdoors! Weddings are no doubt one of the single most expensive investments a couple will make, second to buying a house so it is important that all elements are covered.  

You will have planned your wedding months in advance (or years in some couples cases) but the one thing you cannot control is the weather! Remember that summer in the UK does not guarantee glorious sunshine, invariably there could be the odd shower so it is essential that you plan ahead and ensure you have thought of the unthinkable! Always allow for the ‘just-in-case’ and include some weather protection. If it does rain on your wedding day then do not worry. One it makes for some amazing pictures when the sky clears and secondly, it is considered good luck!

Remember that the Met Office provides 7-day accurate forecasts that can add extra detail to a very local area – where decisions can be made at the last moment for a smooth running day.

For weather forecasts in your area, visit the website,

Be prepared on your wedding day

The Met Office weather app gives you world-leading weather forecasts direct from the best national weather forecaster. Know what the weather will do with the most accurate forecasts and local weather coverage from 1 hour to 7 days ahead.

Key features include:

  • Find out where, when and how much rain will fall with the interactive rainfall radar map for the next 24 hours and past 6 hours.
  • Check real time UK National Severe Weather Warnings with the interactive warnings map for your UK saved locations and the rest of the UK
  • Receive weather alerts for the latest official UK National Severe Weather Warnings for your saved locations as soon as warnings are issued – including snow, strong winds, ice, fog and rain forecasts.
  • Get the most up-to-date and accurate global weather forecast information available for the next seven days.
  • Personalise your forecasts and see how the weather could affect your day by saving multiple locations.
  • View both daily and hourly forecasts for your favourite locations.
  • Watch the latest TV weather forecasts, updated four times a day Monday to Friday, and three times a day at the weekend.

Download the app from the App Store and Google Play

About the prize

For each month over the summer, from June to August, we will be running a competition partnered with the Met Office. The prize will be a bespoke presenter-led forecast, highlighting weather conditions for your wedding day. There will be three competitions on three consecutive months with three winning couples.

You’ll receive a video forecast 2 days before your wedding which will include a custom designed map-zoom to the wedding venue town/village. The forecast will be personalised with references to you and your partner – for all the wedding party to see. You’ll also receive a framed weather chart (to be sent after your wedding), Met Office branded of the weather on your big day. Something you can treasure forever!

Your video forecast will be presented by either Clare Nasir or Alex Deakin and will be sent to you via email two days before the wedding day. This enables you to share the video with friends and family before your big day!

As we will be running three competitions over the next few months, depending on your wedding date, you may have multiple chances to enter.

July competition (closes 31st July 2017): Ideal for weddings after 7th August 2017
August competition (closes 31st August 2017): Ideal for weddings after 7th September 2017
September competition (closes 30th September 2017): Ideal for weddings after 7th October 2017

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