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Credit: Erin Milnik Photography

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We’re thrilled that you’re interested in submitting a real wedding to UWM! We absolutely love to receive them and reading through all the lovely stories. We’re always on the lookout for modern weddings of all faiths, cultures and couples of all shapes, sizes, races and sexual orientation.

We are very privileged to receive so many real weddings every week. Sometimes not all weddings meet our criteria for the digital magazine or the website. So to make sure your submission is successful please find below some details as to what we’re looking for and the submissions form.

What we look for

  • Images from the start of the day till the end – we like to create a story
  • Getting ready shots
  • All the close-up details – our readers love them!
  • Full-length shots of the dress and groom’s attire
  • The cake, food and refreshments
  • Decoration details and DIY items
  • The exterior and interior of the venue/ceremony
  • Unique and original photo ideas
  • Romantic portraits of the couple
  • Shots of the bride/groom with the wedding party
  • General images of you and your guests enjoying the day

What we don’t look for

  • Formal posed group shots of various guests
  • Black and white images. These just don’t look great on screen, however, we don’t mind featuring a few stunning B&W images.
  • Over-edited photos, art/vintage effects and over/under exposed photos
  • Photos taken by guests

Submitting your photos

We accept photos sent via many different services, however, we kindly ask that you do not send images directly via email. If you’re sharing your photos via Dropbox, please send us a direct link to the public folder and not a Dropbox invitation. Below are listed some fabulous ways to send us images:

  • Dropbox folder link – Our absolute favourite
  • WeTransfer file
  • Box
  • Flickr
  • Hightail

Image specifications

  • Please send around 50 – 200 images for consideration
  • Photos must be a minimum 2,000 pixels wide and set to 72dpi colour (we can accept 300dpi full res photos)
  • Please no watermarks

Where and when could my wedding feature?

Upon receiving your submission it will be passed to our editorial team for review. We select weddings based on the story, image quality, fashion styling, decoration and unique details. Due to the many submissions we receive, we cannot guarantee a respoto for every submission. If we do decide your wedding is ideal for our blog/digital magazine, we will contact you with a questionnaire and let you know where we’re planning to feature your wedding. We will also provide you with dates as to when it will be available online or in the digital magazine. If you have not heard back from us within 2 weeks you are welcome to submit your wedding elsewhere.


We do have an exclusivity policy on real weddings, especially those that are featured in our digital magazine. We try to keep all editorial original and unique as this is what our readers expect. Weddings that have been featured elsewhere we do still feature, it depends on where and when it has been featured. If your wedding is chosen to be featured on our blog/digital magazine we kindly request you do not submit it elsewhere for at least 2 months after it is live.

Please do not send us submissions if you have pending submissions with other publications. Once you know if and when it will be featured, please fill out our form and submit.

Submit your real wedding

If you are a Bride/Groom submitting the form below, you must have notified your photographer that you are submitting your wedding for consideration. If you’re a photographer you must have permission from your couple to submit their wedding for consideration.