Credit: Folega Photography / Ft in issue 21

We love to feature original, new and exciting content in our digital magazine and blog. It’s one thing we could spend all day looking at!

Every submission we receive is reviewed by our editorial team. We have a specific style throughout the digital magazine and online, so we only publish media which fits into this. Unfortunately not all submissions will make it into the magazine or online. If you want to ensure you get PR coverage for your products/services, please take a look at our Media Information page.

Due to a large volume of submissions we receive, we may take a couple of days to reply. If you do not hear from us in 1-2 weeks then we’re afraid at this particular time, it doesn’t fit into any current or planned editorial.

What are we looking for?

Please read our post on what we look for in styled shoots, click here.

  • Seasonal wedding and styled photo shoots
  • Unique proposal and engagement photo shoots
  • Wedding suppliers that are unique in the market
  • DIY editorial with images
  • Photo shoots from all around the world

Submitting your photos

We accept photos sent via many difference services, however, we kindly ask that you do not send images directly via email. If you’re sharing your photos via Dropbox, please send us a direct link to the public folder and not a Dropbox invitation. Below are listed some fabulous ways to send us images:

  • Dropbox folder link
  • WeTransfer file
  • Box
  • Flickr
  • Hightail

Image specifications

  • Please send around 50 – 200 images for styled shoots and up to 10 for product/editorial consideration
  • Photos must be a minimum 2000pixels wide and set to 72dpi colour (we can accept 300dpi full res photos)
  • Image format JPEG
  • Please no watermarks

Exclusivity for photo shoots

We do have an exclusivity policy on photo shoots, especially those that are featured in our digital magazine. We try to keep all editorial original and unique as this is what our readers expect. Photo shoots that have been featured elsewhere we do still feature, it depends on where and when it has been featured. If your photo shoot is chosen to be featured on our blog/digital magazine we kindly request you do not submit it elsewhere for at least 1 month after it is live.

Submissions form

  • Shoot submission

  • Tell us about this shoot. What makes it special? Why should we feature it? Include any unique features.
  • Please complete this as much as possible.
  • We always try to feature photo shoots that haven't been featured before. Sometimes we make exceptions for photo shoots we really like or have been featured in print or other countries.
  • Products/services submission

  • Please describe the product/service you are submitting.
  • In a few words tell us your USP and why you'd be perfect for our readers
  • Your photos

  • Before submitting please read the photo requirements on the page above. Please supply a link to a full album of your images. We recommend supplying a public Dropbox link so we can view images - please do not invite us to view the folder or send emails directly via email. We will not reply to submissions that only include a link to your website/blog.
  • Your submission