“The best day of our lives”

Your love story

We met at 16 years old and were each other’s high school sweethearts. But after five years together, we had grown apart. We spent 3.5 years apart but continued as best friends before we realised that we were meant to be together. Now we know, that we are truly soulmates. Tobbe surprised me with a luxury spa weekend and Saturday night he did it the classic way and went down on one knee in the sunset and I could not stop crying.

How did you arrange your wedding?

We did pretty much everything together. We made the wedding our little love project for a year and we can honestly say that we pulled an equal load to get it all done.

What did you both wear?

I wore a tulle dress from the Ladybird and gold glitter flats from Pretty Ballerinas. For half of the day, I also had a custom-made top in French lace over the dress. Tobbe wore a classic black Hugo Boss suit and shoes from Tiger of Sweden.

What venue did you choose?

We got married in Danderyd church where Tobbe and his siblings were baptized and his mother and father married and granddad buried. I have a very close relationship with his family so it has always been the obvious choice for me as well. For the dinner and party, we rented a big old barn just outside Stockholm. We both fancy the rustic style and wanted to style and decorate a lot by ourselves so it suited us perfectly.

Was the day how you imagined?

Our day was truly magical. The sun shone until we stepped into the barn for dinner. With a big bang, the sky opened and it started pouring rain. For our first dance, my younger brother and his partner were going to play and sing their own version of “our song” outdoors on an Oriental rug and our only worry this day was that the rain would make that impossible. But just in time for dessert the clouds dispersed, the night was starry and the dance was the best moment of the whole day for us. Words can never explain how thankful we are for this day and all the amazing speeches.

What advice would you give to other couples?

Relax and enjoy, the day goes by so fast! Do not stress too much! It is great fun with fine details, etc. but in the end, it doesn’t matter. It is your day, and your love is the only thing that really means something in the end.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We spent our honeymoon in Bali. We got the perfect combo with both jungle adventures and paradise beaches.


Dress: Ladybird
Flowers: Yvonne Bernzon
Hair and makeup artist: Erica Arebo
Photography: Sussie Mellstedt
Suit: Hugo Boss