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Credit: Folega Photography / Ft in issue 21


Thank you for considering submitting real weddings, styled photoshoots, blog and article posts to us at Ultimate Wedding.  We really enjoy receiving luxury wedding content and as you can imagine, we receive a great deal on a daily basis.  As such we have a strict reviewing process to ensure that all elements of your submission meet our guidelines of publication, before a decision is made with regards to publishing or rejecting the content.

We feature real weddings, styled photoshoots, blog and article content from all faiths and cultures and from couples of all shapes, sizes, races and sexual orientation – at the end of the day love is love!

How to submit

If your submission has already been submitted to another publication or blog, please wait to hear back from them before submitting to us. After submitting using the form below, we will follow our reviewing process and let you know within 5-7 days if your content is a suitable fit. If it is, we will let you know the next process in your submission.

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  • Confirmation

  • • This submission is not pending review on any other wedding blogs/publications. I have informed all suppliers/vendors that I am submitting this.
    • Please check all suppliers/vendors involved are listed. If accepted and published, we will not be able to amend.
    • I understand that Ultimate Wedding Digital will have full freedom to lay out my images to suit the article and to best represent my images.




What do we look for in a real wedding submission?

  • Images from the start of the day all the way through to the end – we like to create a story!
  • Getting ready shots
  • All the close-up details – our readers love them!
  • Full-length shots of your wedding day fashion
  • Food, beverage and cake are important
  • Decór and styling
  • The exterior and interior of the venue(s)
  • Unique and original photo ideas
  • Romantic portraits of the happy couple
  • Shots of the happy couple with their wedding party
  • General images of the couple and guests enjoying the day

What don’t we look for in a real wedding submission?

  • Formal posed group shots of various guests
  • Black and white images. These just don’t look great on screen!
  • Over-edited photos, art/vintage effects and over/under exposed photos
  • Photos taken by guests

How should I send my images?

We accept images sent via WeTransfer, but please send us a direct link to the images and not an invitation.  Please do not send images directly to email.

How many should I send?

Please send around 50 – 100 images for consideration

How should I prepare my images?

Photos must be a minimum 2,000 pixels wide and set to 72dpi colour (we can accept 300dpi full res photos). Please, no watermarks.

Do you feature previously published work?

We always prefer to feature exclusive work; due to our exclusivity clause, we will consider previously published content on the basis that we have exclusivity for three months from publication date.  Submissions of previously published work will be carefully reviewed on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed to be accepted.

Our ethical policy

Please note, we strictly enforce our ethical policy across all our features. We do not feature diet/weight loss products and services, cosmetic surgery, real fur, exotic skins or companies that use animals for entertainment.

Please do not send us submissions if you have pending submissions with other publications. Once you know if and when it will be featured, please fill out our form and submit. Please note, we operate an exclusivity term of three months from publication date.