Over the past few months, we have received many requests to feature an article on Microblading, which although has been around for a number of years now, still seems to be a BIG thing in the world of eyebrows. We decided, in the interests of our lovely readers that we would go and test out this procedure to see if the results are as good as we are being told. We chose to go and see award winning Sian Dellar. Sian is the winner of The London Hair and Beauty Awards 2015 and specialises in permanent makeup.

Sian’s studio is located in the heart of the world-renowned medical district of Harley Street, easy to find and just a train hop away. As I arrived I had a chortle at the very large car pulling away from the kerb with a certain well-known lady entering the building at the same time, of course, she was wearing mandatory celeb ‘over-sized’ glasses – I always forget mine!

I was met by Jaya at the door who escorted me to the lovely pristine clinic. I filled in the necessary forms and signed whilst apologising for the current state of my eyebrows which I had left untouched for 4 weeks prior to this appointment.

Sian invited me in and kindly explained the whole process. Being an MUA I know how important eyebrows are, they completely frame the face and if done correctly, can take years off! By the way, Sian is lovely, and looks about 15 years younger than she actually is! She is totally gorgeous and looks amazing. Currently carrying her second baby (at the time of my appointment) I was ashamed to admit that I never looked that fab during either of my pregnancies!

Sian explained that she creates tailor­‐made permanent makeup to enhance the eyebrows, lips and eyes. Walk away with defined eyebrows, wide-awake eyes and fuller lips that will last from morning until night for up to 18 months, before needing to be topped up. How excited was I! Since I was a teenager there has always been something wrong with my eyebrows – literally different lengths, shape and width – I was beyond happy that finally I would have brows to be proud of. No more tinting – oh the joys!

Sian firstly drew my eyebrows on so we could discuss the shape and what would suit my face shape best – once we had agreed on this (in fact Sian just did it and I nodded very appreciatively as they already looked wow!).

Using the Microblading method, Sian delicately adds hypo-allergenic pigments to the outermost layers of the eyebrows for the most understated, flawless, and natural result every time. Microblading is manually applied using a very fine blade (made up of 10-16 tiny, fine needles configured into a blade shape) to deposit pigments into the epidermis.

Now, I am not going to lie, the outline is a little ouchy – like a sting, but that literally takes a few minutes and then Sian applies more numbing cream and sets to work on the inner. The whole process from completing forms, to consultation, to completion, is over in an hour and twenty. Sian showed me my finished brows in the mirror and I was so pleased. Obviously a little red at the moment, but Sian fully explained my aftercare. (You do pop back 6 weeks later for a follow-up and top-up if required).

I left feeling like I had the most gorgeous brows ever and whilst Sian did say that they could take up to 10 days to fully heal, mine were bang-tastic within 4. I have had so many people asking me about my brows – two complete strangers came up and asked me if they could look at my eyebrows, and asked what had I had done and where could they go! Friends keep popping in for coffee just to take a look!

This treatment is slightly costly (£495) but in my opinion, well worth it. I also worked out that my usual £30 spent every 6 weeks getting my eyebrows tinted/threaded actually equates to £390 for the same 18 months, but trust me, get them microbladed! Mine are perfect and I love them! They are such a great investment readers! Perfect brows for your big day, hassle-free brows for your honeymoon. This is one treatment worth investing in!

*Tina’s treatment took place and the original article posted on Ultimate Wedding Magazine in 2017, some article wording has been changed to reflect todays pricing and information.

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