The English South Coast, a canvas of ethereal beauty, is home to a grand dame of sophistication and tradition – The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne. Stepping onto its grounds is akin to entering a bygone era of opulence, where every detail is a nod to refined elegance. My recent visit to experience its wedding facilities left me awe-inspired, and it’s with great pleasure that I share this enchanting journey.

Built-in 1875 by William Earp as a private residence for him and his family, including 13 children, the intention, it is believed, was always for the property to become a hotel, although this plan was initially refused by the then Duke of Devonshire, the original owner of the land, a decision which was overturned by the courts, allowing William Earp to sell the property with permission to use as a hotel – how lucky we are today, that the courts made this decision! The Grand Hotel Orchestra broadcast live on the BBC from the Great Hall every Sunday evening from 1924 to 1939, with the tradition continuing to this day, with the Palm Court Strings Orchestra playing on the last Sunday of every month, although no longer broadcast on the BBC.

As one approaches The Grand Hotel, a sense of anticipation builds; the façade, glistening white in the winter sunlight, hints at the magnificence within. The grandeur of the entrance, flanked by impeccable gardens, sets a majestic stage for the marital symphony within.

Crossing the threshold, one is transported into a realm of timeless interiors and ornate chandeliers dangling from lofty heights, casting a glow on intricate mouldings and plush furnishings below. The allure lies in the seamless fusion of classic design and contemporary comforts.

The Grand Hotel graciously offers an array of venues, each tailored to host weddings of diverse scales and styles. From the intimacy of the Gallery on the balcony, the wood-panelled Dukes Room, the naturally lit Arundel Room, or the Princes Room with stunning crystal chandeliers, to the splendour of the former Victorian ballroom – The Compton Suite. Every space breathes its own charm, ready to weave dreams into reality.

Although we did not sample the wedding menu, we were treated to a culinary odyssey in the restaurant, with food curated by the gastronomic virtuosos of The Grand Hotel. If the food in the restaurant is anything to go by, your wedding guest will be treated to a culinary sonata, an orchestrated blend of flavours and textures that will leave an incredible mark on the palate.

The Staff at The Grand Hotel presented a symphony of professionalism and warmth. From the meticulous hotel wedding planners to the attentive waitstaff, their commitment to ensuring an immaculate experience was evident at every turn.

What sets this venue apart is its harmonious marriage with nature. The backdrop of the ever-changing seascape provides a breathtaking stage for your wedding on the coast, a coastal overture that adds a unique, almost poetic, dimension to the matrimonial proceedings.

For those seeking reprieve after the festivities, The Grand Hotel offers nuptial nests that are nothing short of luxurious. Elegant rooms adorned with plush bedding and a panoramic view of the sea create a cocoon of comfort and indulgence.

The Grand – Debussy View

The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, stands as a paragon of wedding perfection on the South Coast of England. It doesn’t merely host weddings; it orchestrates timeless tales of love, ensuring that every couple’s journey into marital bliss is nothing short of a symphony. For those seeking a venue where tradition dances with luxury, The Grand Hotel is a crescendo of dreams coming true.

The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne Main Entrance

If you are considering celebrating your wedding at The Grand, Eastbourne, the hotel will be hosting its next Wedding Showcase on Sunday 3rd March; why not come along and experience all the hotel and its wedding team have to offer.

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